How to do a cutout in Adobe Photoshop

In this video, I walked through how to cut the background out of a person’s photo step by step. Some photos may make this process more difficult because of stray colors, hair, or other things, but the base actions will still be the same. I realize that this is not a difficult concept, but it can be a bit confusing when starting out. I know when I first started using Adobe Photoshop, it was a bit intimidating. There are so many buttons and options, it can be difficult to do the simplest of things. Once you get the hang of it, however, I believe it gets much easier. Most people don’t really use all of the tools available, so once the necessary tools are identified, using Photoshop becomes very simple. For some people, mostly graphic designers, it actually becomes fun! If there was anything in the tutorial that confused you, please feel free to contact me! I would love to help anyone who needs it! It was difficult enough for me starting off that I needed someone to walk me through it, so I would enjoy providing someone else the same guidance! If you have any issues opening the video, please contact me for that as well. I can send you the direct file if necessary. Check out my contact information below.

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