The Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau

For my survey research project last year, I worked with fellow public relations majors Claire Gamble, William Heartsill and Joseph Hooven. Despite having a consistent flow of visitors coming through Auburn for sporting events, educational events or to visit family and friends, the Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau noticed a decline in hotel booking. Our job was to diagnose why that was happening and provide a solution for the scenario. To do this, we first developed a set of survey questions. Once those questions were approved by our client, we ran pre-test data. We determined through the pre-test that our questions were clear and revealed good responses, so our client sent a mass email to her contact list that generated over 300 responses. Through those responses, we were able to identify some of the issues and provide suggestions the Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau could use to fix the issue. I’ll let you read the report for yourself to see the final results, but I can guarantee you they were intriguing!

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