Since I began as a media relations intern with Auburn Athletics, I have been able to do a lot of writing. I have done an inordinate amount of transcribing quotes from press conferences and interviews, but I actually enjoy it because I can pick up things I didn’t notice in the live setting. My favorite part about being in athletics is interacting with the athletes. Since I used to be one, transcribing is another reminder of how blessed I am to be able to interact with high profile people in a casual manner.

In-Game Work

Pertaining to game days, I have experience setting up and tearing down arenas, stadiums and interview rooms. I have also managed fan relations, merchandise and halftime activities. I’ve passed out stats, transcribed quotes, overseen interview rooms, directed and escorted players after games, managed photographers, done official stats, updated live scores with Stat Crew and Dreamweaver, managed substitutions, worked scoreboards, worked a jumbotron, called volleyball stats, written volleyball stats, conducted post-game interviews, written recaps and managed students in a press box.

Features and Q&As

Along those lines, I have also done many features and Q&As. Being able to sit down one-on-one with the athletes has opened my eyes to see that they are also students just like me. That experience helps you realize that no matter how big the spotlight on them is, high-profile athletes are people too. Speaking from my experience, most of them are very down to earth as well. I have been able to improve my interviewing and writing skills tremendously through doing these features and Q&As.

Office Work

I have also done a good bit of standard office work. From processing online sales to making copies to researching historical statistics to proofing and editing rosters, I’ve done almost every basic office job outside of getting someone their coffee. I am thankful for that experience because I was able to build trust within the department to the point where I received more influential jobs. It also displayed my work ethic and allows me to look back at how far I have come.

Creative Cloud Work

With Auburn Athletics, I have also gained experience with the Adobe Creative Cloud. I have created roster sheets and media guides with InDesign, created starting lineup gifs with Photoshop, and updated live stats using Dreamweaver. While creativity is not my strong suit, I have embraced the learning process. I am proud of what I’ve created and how far I’ve come in the creative process.

Previews and Recaps

I have been given the opportunity to write some previews and recaps for our men’s tennis team as well. I truly enjoy being able to write from my team’s perspective to either set up the event or review major points from the game.

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