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I decided to call my magazine Sports, Life and Society because, well, that’s what it is about. Since I have a deep passion in sports, I framed as many stories as I could around them. In those stories, I went into detail about the importance of getting as much experience as early as possible for those who are interested in a career in sports. I also discussed how students can find activities to take the place of sports after playing them throughout high school. I also input the perspective of current students, former students and employees who dealt with each scenario for each story. For the life section, I detailed some of the benefits that come from living off campus. I obviously wrote it from the perspective of an off-campus student myself, but I also added the perspective of a former student who also lived off campus. For the society portion, I tried to convey the emotions of what it is like to attend college in America after being born in a different country. I interviewed a student who was born in Mexico for this story, and I added his thoughts to the piece. To finish off the magazine, I added articles about adjusting to a small town and the job Auburn has done regarding the provision of accessibility. I added the perspective of a current student who moved to Auburn from Atlanta for the former, and I added the perspective of an alumnus who deals with accessibility for the latter. I hope you enjoy my magazine!

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