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I created my logo using Adobe Photoshop. When designing my logo, I tried to create something that fit the theme of my website and represented my personality. The first aspect of my logo is the colors. I decided to make it black and white for a couple of reasons. First off, my whole website is black and white, so it fit quite nicely. Second, the color choice fits how I approach much of life. I’m not a very flowery person. I prefer to be blunt and have things given to me straight. I’ve always thought using the plain and simple truth makes every situation much easier than dancing around the point, so using black and white really drives that home for me. That’s not to say I am insensitive or unconcerned with the thoughts of others, but I simply prefer to avoid any fabrication of the truth. I used Algerian font because it has a simple base, but has intricate details. That relates to my life in that I may come off as a fairly simple person on the outside, but like everyone else, I have many traits and interests that make me unique. I arranged the letters on my logo in a manner that represents my life as well. The “T” and “J” are located at the top and bottom of the logo, and they are sized slightly smaller than the “S.” That is to show that I hold my life together and do the things people see, but my family and friends are at the core of my life driving me forward. I added a shield around the letters to represent a strong foundation and stability. I am grounded in my faith as a Christian, and I believe that faith gives me the motivation and consistency to succeed despite whatever is currently going on in my life. I am also a slightly guarded person until I determine I can trust the people I am around. I am not antisocial by any means as my profession, along with life itself, requires me to be personable, but I save my deepest self for those that know me best. Those are just a few aspects of my personality that I attempted to convey through my logo.

T Thanks for checking out my logo!

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