How to Intern

If you looked at just about any other page on this website, you would know by now that I have a huge passion for sports. You would likely also know that I have been interning with them since my freshman year here at Auburn University. With this in mind, I decided to construct an infographic highlighting some of the tactics I found most successful when it comes to landing and keeping an internship. I also detailed things that help you gain trust within the organization. This will allow you to take on more responsibility and do more jobs you want to do. Along with the vital need for experience in the sports industry in particular, interning can actually be enjoyable. I know it’s cliché, but the old saying really does ring true. If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life. From a personal perspective, I’ve developed great relationships and made great friends through interning. It’s refreshing to be around like-minded people, and you’d be surprised how many big names, at least in the sports industry, are very down to Earth. I’ve also been able to attend events I never thought possible through interning, and I enjoyed every second of them. From a work perspective, I’ve been able to gain great contacts, skills and experience since I started interning. I feel confident that I can walk into a job interview and not only show my experience through a conversation, but back it up with the work examples I have.

T Thanks for checking out my infographic!

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