Tiger Woods: A Poorly Handled Affair

For my case study last year, I worked with fellow public relations majors Claire Gamble and Joseph Hooven. Our goal for this study was to analyze how Tiger Woods handled the news of his affair(s) from a media perspective and provide input on how we would have handled the situation if we were managing his public image. You may read the report for all of the details, but I will say that Woods did not handle the situation as well as he could have initially. Admittedly, he is not a big public company, so he did not have a major public relations firm guiding his steps. He was left to deal with his issue with only his publicist alongside him. Then again, most athletes don’t require their public image to be saved by an outside source. Woods dug the hole himself. Despite handling the scandal very poorly early on, Woods did start making good decisions later on. The tactics he used later on to save his image were too little and too late for many people, but they were effective. Had he used those tactics from the start, he may have saved himself from many of the troubles he dealt with.

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