Auburn Men’s Tennis Doubles Lineup

This is a GIF displaying one of the doubles lineups Auburn’s men’s tennis team used last year. I put this GIF together for the Auburn Men’s Tennis official Twitter using Adobe Photoshop. To create this GIF, I first cut the backgrounds out of the photos of the players. Second, I combined the photos of each player in the doubles tandem into one photo per tandem. Third, I added the background and captions. Fourth, I positioned each player and caption the way I wanted them to look. For the fifth and final step, I turned the three photos into a GIF. To do this, I loaded the files into a stack using the scripts tool under the file tab. I then opened the timeline under the window tab, and I clicked create frame animation. After that, I selected create new layer for each frame. I then made frames from the layers and decided how long I wanted each frame to show. All I had to do after that was choose for it to continuously loop and export the file to save it! I realize that explanation may have been a bit confusing. I was typing the explanation from memory, so I there may be some parts I skipped because I automatically know to do them. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me using the information below. If not, you are ready to create an official lineup GIF for a division one program!

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