Since I have devoted much of my college career to interning, the majority of my activities and events were through interning. While it is great to be involved in fraternities, sororities, clubs, intramural sports and other activities, I am proud that my activities have been work related and career forwarding.

Photo with SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey

SEC Baseball Tournament

The SEC Baseball Tournament was one of the best experiences I've had in my career. Although the beginning of the tournament had many long days that didn't leave much time for sleep, I found the experience extremely rewarding. I was able to make great work contacts and connect with students from different schools that did the same work as me. Along with the networking side, I was able to gain practical experience at a championship event and enjoy watching hours of baseball.

Photo with former NFL wide receiver Derrick Mason

SEC Media Days

SEC Media Days were an entirely different experience than anything I've ever seen. I've grown accustomed to being around local media, but it was astonishing to see so many big-name media members in one place. Being able to have conversations with them about how they got started and listen to their career advice was truly inspiring. Along with meeting these incredible people, I was also able to reconnect with fellow students and SEC workers I met at the SEC Baseball Tournament.

Photo taken while doing stats for ESPN


Since I have worked for Auburn Athletics for over 2 years, I have had the opportunity to work independently for ESPN. In doing this, I was able to enhance my communication skills and develop trust with broadcasters and TV crews. I was also able to improve my knowledge of statistics as I've been a spotter for gymnastics meets and done official stats for volleyball matches and soccer games.

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